Poverty Is Culturally Insensitive And Alternative Approaches Essay

1341 Words Nov 11th, 2016 6 Pages
In order to debunk the language gap ideology promoted by Hart and Risley (1995), a course of action that differs from the traditional approach in educating children from lower social economic statuses (SES) must be generated. Eric J. Johnson, the author of Debunking the “Language Gap,” outlines the misguided beliefs and assumptions of the word gap that has been expressed by Hart and Risley. The underlying assumption about the word gap is the concept of how a 30 million word gap exists between higher and lower income children. My aim is to provide evidence for why Eric J. Johnson holds this language ideology to be falsifiable. I will provide this evidence through discussing how the view of language in poverty is false, how Hart and Risley’s study on language deprivation is culturally insensitive and alternative approaches to fixing the language gap. Johnson rejects the word gap concept due to the scientific evidence that is lacking from Hart and Risley’s study. Scientific evidence pertaining to negative educational and social implications of language ideology in low income children does not serve to prove sound qualitative understanding and differences in linguistic context; shared amongst lower income children in their studies. One of the findings found in Hart and Risley’s study was that education achievement is accomplished by superior linguistic and cognitive capabilities that result from being exposed to lexicon rich environments during infancy/childhood. In Hart and…

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