Poverty Is A Serious Cause Of Poverty Essay

2059 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 null Page
Poverty is a huge issue in our world today. More than 46 million Americans are poor in the United States. 1.6 Million children have stayed in a shelter or emergency housing (Zalan, Kira. “ How Violence Perpetuates Poverty”). Several people find that their struggle to get out of poverty can sometimes be challenging because of the violence. Bullies in the neighborhood can beat, rape, and rob you, which can give you less of a chance to improve your economic status, those such things can pull you back to poverty. The struggle that poor people go through such as trying to get an education, hunger programs, clean water and shelter are stolen away from the violent people in the neighborhood. With all those situations it does not help the poor people move forward if they are constantly put down by the violence around them. I believe that violence is a serious cause of poverty. As I was working on my Christian service hours at St.Francis Center in downtown Los Angeles, I experienced something new. At the center I helped pack meals,sack lunches, served lunch and communicated with guests. As I was helping distribute food at the St.Francis Center to those in need I had seen how grateful people were with just a small plate of food. Before starting to serve food to the guest the main coordinator had mentioned to us that most people who attended had experienced or witnessed acts of violence. Seeing how sick people were, how unhealthy they looked, and extremely worn out made me…

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