Poverty Is A Problem Faced By Students Essay

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Poverty, unstable households, drugs and violence are all social problems faced by students. Social economic status is a term used by the U.S. Bureau of the Census to classify economic conditions. One in six students is considered to be below the poverty level. According to a study done by Judith Stull parents educational achievement expectations rise with the higher social economic status of a family. In her study Judith Stull found “the percentage of higher parents of low-achieving students expecting their child to earn at least a Bachelor’s degree is higher than that for low- and middle-SES parents of high-achieving students.” Pg 53 Poverty is a problem faced all over the country, but the effects are underestimated in a child’s education. Poverty knows no boundaries and can be both hidden and visible. It can range from simple things like being teased for not having things or, not having food to eat. Hunger is one of the biggest focus groups when it comes to poverty. Hungry students are often malnourished leading students to be tired and less concentrated on school work. Hunger can have a negative impact in a child’s education increasing educational gaps. Low socioeconomic status families often have a harder time trying to get students to school causing low attendance rates. Students that come from low socioeconomic status households have a harder time concentrating in school. Most students living in poverty often experience drug and violence problems. Drug and alcohol…

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