Poverty In The World

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Poverty Poverty affects Billions worldwide every day. It is one of humankind’s biggest problems. Many people don’t see how many humans it affects. There is also the fact that people don’t understand what poverty really is. It’s a harsh reality, a scary one that so many people on earth are affected by every day. I’ve seen some of this suffering first hand. But with the help of Charity’s, Organizations, aid, and good people poverty can be ended once and for all. There are many necessary steps that must be taken to stop poverty before it affects more people. I had a firsthand experience seeing poverty at a young age. It was this day 3 years ago that I traveled to Cartagena, Colombia where I would see the reality of the world. This trip was originally …show more content…
We started driving into these small villages and all the sudden it caught my eye. There were shacks everywhere. Wooden shacks not much bigger than a small room that looked beaten down and old. The air smelled horrible; there was trash everywhere. I remember being in awe as we drove past shack after shack. I realized these people had no running water, no electricity. I was in shock of how this people lived. Out of all of these people that I saw, most wearing ripped up clothes, there is an image of one person that still sticks with me to this day. This little boy who was just wearing ripped up jeans shorts, he couldn’t have been over the age of 6, with a frown on his face. He was very skinny and looked like he hadn’t of ate in days. It was this moment that still sticks with me today. One that truly makes me treasures life. I remember seeing that day what real poverty was. It truly gave me a look at what most of the world deals with on a daily …show more content…
The word poverty itself is Middle English, Old French, and Latin (Dictonary.com). In those times the word meant “small means, moderate circumstances” (Dictonary.com). The word has truly evolved into a different word all of itself. The word no longer means “small means”; it now is closer to the meaning of having nothing. This word describes Billions of peoples living situation around the world. You can find this word in all countries and continents on earth. The word is used by all genders, races, and populations. It is a sad word that unfortunately too many people can relate too.
Some people feel they can relate to the word. While there are many who do, there are some who have never seen this type of situation before. People feel that they fall under this category, but in actuality the world poverty line sits at $1.90 a day according to Global Issues (Shah). Many around the world do not know what $1.90 a day feels like. In America that amount of money is not enough to buy a loaf of bread. This type of poverty is hidden from much of the

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