Essay about Poverty in the Philippines

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Steps for Writing a Term Paper

A TERM PAPER is a concisely written, documented paper of reasonable length in which a student identifies, analyzes, interprets, and draws conclusions from the facts and opinions of other people.
A term paper requires a student to obtain information from a variety of sources (i.e., special subject indexes, encyclopedias and dictionaries, reference books, scholarly journals, books, and newspapers) and then place it in logically developed ideas.
There are nine steps in writing a term paper, which will be illustrated with brief examples. Step 1: Select a Subject
Step 2: Narrow the Subject into a Topic
Step 3: State the Objective
Step 4: Make a Preliminary Bibliography
Step 5: Prepare a tentative
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You are free to choose any one you wish.
You decide to select "old age." Newspapers and magazines are reporting greater numbers of older people in our nation, and the problems they are encountering with inflation, reduced income, poor health, and retirement.
The subject appears manageable because your instructor has limited the social problem to one which seems to interest a lot of people, and he is allowing four weeks in which to complete the task.


Select only one aspect or subdivision of your subject to write on. Limit the scope; almost any subject can be written about from a variety of directions.
Read some background information on your topic to become familiar with the specialized language and subject terms and phrases used in your topic.
Look for background information in some general encyclopedias such as:

Encyclopedia Americana
Encyclopedia Britannica

OR, in some special subject encyclopedias such as:

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
Encyclopedia of Education
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology

ALSO, in special subject dictionaries such as:

Harper Collins Dictionary of Sociology
Facts on File Dictionary of Education

Check the bibliographies listed after most encyclopedia articles--they

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