Poverty In South Asia

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Did you know that in South east Asia most people can barely afford 3 meals a day? In countries such as Cambodia people can work for hours on end and still not get paid. Some people save their money in banks only to find them empty and others must go through immense poverty because their government contains a huge lust for money and power. There are many causes of poverty in our world and they all are bad.

Loans commonly and predominant cause poverty , whether they are student loans or bank loans for houses, to get out of debt or to get out of poverty. A person gives a Loan (a certain amount of money) to a person and then the person who receives the money pays back a percentage of the received money every month, week or year. Loans have to be paid on the due date or objects will be confiscated as payment.
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They will not get a good education which means they won 't be accepted into a good job thus the cycle continues and studies show that poor families have more children. Those children go through the same pri and the cycle continues and continues until the country starts to get it together and do something about the poverty. The people born into a poor families also earn very little money because they enter low paying jobs and are willing to be paid less because they have better competition. Thus making it harder for them to escape poverty, making the cycle go on and on and on endlessly. Some examples of this are the poor parts of china, cambodia and a lot more Asian countries. Since poor people tend to have more children they also need to take care of the children, which costs money, children aren’t cheap they are really expensive bringing them into deeper poverty. They also work more and for longer to support themselves and their families, thus devoiding their children of interaction with their parents leading to the child learning less thus the cycle repeats

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