Poverty In Pakistan Essay

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Poverty in Pakistan is also a major issue: a very fast-growing population facing a lot of problem like lack of education, jobs, technology and investment. But the nation is committed for tackling the problem and the poverty rate has fallen by more than 10% in the mid-2000s. According to a report nearly 15 million people who were lifted out of poverty.
Media has placed facts and figures in front of nation and gave suggestions to eliminate poverty. The reason why poverty became such an important topic in last years is that more and more people now realize that it is important for peace, progress, stability and economic development. Where there is war and conflict, there is nothing other than damage and suffering. In all these conditions, not
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Stability in Pakistan can help with economic growth which in turn can eliminate poverty in Pakistan.
According to media another reason the government fears social unrest and problems is that the population in Pakistan is growing on a large scale. Pakistan is among those countries of the world who are leading now in population increase. Government is struggling for providing jobs, housing and education for everyone which is not an easy task. In last decade, the population in Pakistan has grown by 40 million, making it the 6th largest country with respect to population in the world with about 180 million masses.
Media is changing the mindset of people and they are thinking about to have not more than 2 babies and provide them best education and facilities. Media is highlighting the issues that Pakistan is facing or may face in next few years as Pakistan is being considered a monster for world population in 2050. People were traditionally thinking few years ago but currently they are thinking more rationally and are aware of the disastrous that may occur due to their careless in this area of interest. Media is an opinion changer at this point to help Pakistan and Pakistani nation to come out from this issue of poverty with proper
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It is the law of nature that commitment and hard work always gives fruit sooner or later. Pakistani nation is struggling since 1947 but there is no chance for country improvements and prosperity due to a lot of factors having a major one known as corruption. Everyone who is somehow manage to come into power starts corruption and Pakistani nation is expecting something called as miracle from these corrupt people. According to a research Pakistan is among those countries where corruption is at its

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