Poverty in Canada Essay

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Poverty in Canada
Sociology 1000: Writing Assignment

Cassandra Vincent

How can there be so many people in poverty? It is all around us even though Canada has made the G20 Richest Nations; they still have one of the highest poverty rates for in the industrialized world. Through reading many articles such as Ann Duffy and Nancy Mandell’s “Poverty in Canada”, others that I have found online, and my own personal experience I have learned the numerous reasons why so many people in a well industrialized nation such as Canada are struggling with poverty.
WORD JOURNAL Duffy and Mandell portray many themes around poverty in their article “poverty in Canada”, but there is one word that really symbolizes the main theme, and
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My perspective of the people plagued with poverty has definitely changed after reading “Poverty in Canada”.
Popular Culture “Poverty in Canada” shows all aspects of poverty in our nation. There are many articles dealing with issues of poverty but Tavia Grant’s “The changing face of poverty in Canada relates to the issues that were addressed in Duffy and Mandell’s “poverty in Canada. Like “Poverty in Canada” Grant’s article makes references Statistics Canada’s low income cut-off (LICO) and how it identifies the poverty line. It makes reference to the poverty among single parents, children, seniors etc. Duffy and Mandell’s article was published in 2001 and was put in R.J. Brym (ed.) Society in Question: Sociological Reading for the 21st Century in 2004, and Grant’s articles gives some after math of their statistics. In 1997, 5.1 million Canadians -17.2 per cent of children, women, and men in Canada - were poor (Duffy & Mandell, 2004, p.89). The incidence of low-income status single parents has seen a “significant, long-term” decrease – their low-income rates dropped about 20 per cent from 1996 to 2009, half the rate of prior decades (Grant, 2012). As like “Poverty in Canada” Social Justice Reporter, Laurie Monsebraaten’s article “Canada lags on fighting child poverty, report finds” discusses the overwhelming impoverishment of children in Canada. Monsebraaten

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