Poverty In Academic Achievement

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Latinos are far behind their white peers in most academic areas. Although many look towards the high school dropout rate is a cause for this discrepancy in academic achievement, I believe it starts before schooling ever begins. On average, Latinos households have higher rates of poverty and lower average annual household income. However, this is a grouping of all Latinos and we see that not all Latinos are alike. For example, Cubans Americans tend to be among the “well off” Latinos with average household incomes above $40,000 while Mexican and Puerto Rican origin households tend to be less well off, with average household incomes below that of even African-Americans (Bean 2001). Furthermore, as is the focus of second-generation Latinos, we see that native-born Latino households tend to be substantially richer than their foreign-born …show more content…
Thus, academic achievement is perceived as "acting white" and is negatively sanctioned by whites and the ethnics, which the child comes from. Personally, this is something I have experienced going to a practically all-white school (the only minority in my graduating class). Whites and a few of my fellow African-Americans I have encountered believe that I have become “whitewashed” and no longer black enough.
Although in this paper I do not exclusively discuss Latinas as a separate entity, I would like to give some background in the differences between male and female Latinos. Female Latinos outnumbered their male counterpart (57% to 43%) in college classrooms (Lango 1995). Perhaps, this may be a cultural since we see the same trend with US-born population (Lewin 2006). I just want to recognize that gender also plays a role in academic achievement in Latinos as well as other ethnic

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