Poverty, Homelessness, And Unemployment Essay

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Poverty, Homelessness And Unemployment
Poverty is a worldwide problem as the number people living in poverty are greater than the number living stable lives. Poverty is the state of lacking daily needs or unable to provide and sustain daily needs. Poverty is a worldwide issue as it affects the common person who constitutes to a high ratio in the world’s population. Poverty exists in two forms, absolute poverty and relative poverty. Absolute poverty is whereby an individual is not able to cater for their basic needs such food, shelter, and clothing. When an individual is poor, they are not able to satisfy their daily needs hence are termed as poor. Relative poverty describes poverty in relevance to economic status of the individual’s society that is they fall below the current/known standards of a given society. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate how poverty, homelessness and unemployment affect the people involved and the society as a whole. It also highlights the effects of poverty in the world.
Causes and effects
Poverty, homelessness and unemployment go hand in hand. Poverty is due to unemployment or a solid source of income (employment).Homelessness on the other hand is due to poverty whereby one is not able to afford to pay rent or even acquire a home for them. However, unemployment is due to the increase in population thus reduction in employment opportunities. Unemployment is highly associated with poverty and homelessness but various factors constitutes to…

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