Essay Poverty Can Have A Major Impact On A Child

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Poverty can have a major impact on a child. One in six children is poor, and one in three Black children are living in poverty (Cuthrell, Ledford, and Stapleton 2010). “When we measure the poverty rate for children who live in rural areas it is 18.5 % which is slightly higher than the national average for all districts (Cuthrell et al., 2010. According to Yoshikawa,Aber, Beardslee (2012) poverty is defined as the lack of the means of providing material needs or comforts. There are different features of poverty. The features of poverty are absolute poverty, relative poverty and subjective poverty. A child’s family is concerned to be in extreme poverty when three people are living in the household and their annual income is 7,870. Children who live in extreme poverty or who live below the poverty line for multiple years appear, all other things being equal, to suffer the worst outcome (Brooks-Gunn & Duncan, 1997). Situational poverty can be caused by specific circumstances. In addition, to situational poverty there is also generational poverty. Poverty can also cause negative outcomes for children in the realms of physical health, language and cognitive development and educational attainment (Yoshikawa,Aber, Beardslee 2012). As a result of the effects of poverty on a child there are several children that lack healthcare. Nevertheless, although poverty can have a major impact on a child there are several strategies that can be used to benefit a child that lives in poverty,…

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