Poverty Between Poverty And Poverty Essay

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The increased concern of globalization and poverty alongside increased inequality has long been an issue of debate over the years.

The effects of increase poverty and inequality

Increased crime.

The link between poverty or inequality and crimes is of global concern, since certain crimes has be linked to poverty and region with huge gap between the have and have not’s.Poverty.org state the fact this way, different types of poverty for different crimes (2013).

High Mortality (Most Children Mortality) and Malnutrition.

Region stricken by high level of poverty usually have some of the characteristic that foster the spread of disease and high mortality rate bolstered by lack of access to proper health care facilities and treatment. Some of the condition found among the poor in any society is over crowding which leads to the spread of infectious diseases, lack of access to essential resource like clean waters and food, unable to afford medical treatment and delayed treatment of disease, all this, inevitable leads to high mortality rate in these regions.

Poor level of Education

If you where to pick between your feeding and getting a proper education based on limited resources for one or the other, most definitely you will pick sustenance. The poor usually have inadequate resource to sustain the family; as such education becomes an afterthought.

Change in model of approach to globalization and poverty

So I would like to start this discuss with a quote form…

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