Poverty Between Poverty And Crime Rates Essay

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There have always been certain places that are known as safer and others that are known as less safe. But what makes these specific areas safe or unsafe? What causes crime to occur more often in certain areas than others? Crime rates are higher in certain areas than others, and historically these do not vary much over time. Poverty is a cycle that once someone is in, it is hard to get out of. Poverty is also often associated with street crime, and more violent crimes in general. It would make sense that if poverty was a cycle that was hard to get out of and was associated with crime, that areas that are below the poverty line often have higher crime rates. I will be arguing the reasons that places that are below the poverty line have higher crime rates and explaining how living below the poverty line causes more crime to be committed.

There is a correlation between the general income of an area and the amount of crime, and how violent that crime is. In higher income areas there is less violent crime committed, if any. More often than not crime that is committed in high income areas is white-collar crime, while this can be much more harmful than street crime it is not nearly as violent. The higher the poverty rates in an area, the higher the amount of street crime/violent crimes. This relationship can be explained somewhat if one looks at the effects of poverty. Poverty is said to often produce anger and frustration. It is also associated with a need for respect, when this…

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