Poverty And The Problem Of Poverty Essays

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Did you know that 15.8% of people living in Ohio are recorded to be in poverty? There are many problems with poverty and inequality, and the solutions that the community is coming up with to solve these problems are not suitable. This is a hardship that is not only difficult for those living in need, but also for the community who has to watch them struggle through life. Although many people are affected by this and there are even more people who could help, many people just leave them be or walk by. This problem makes it harder and scarier for us and for them due to people who try to fake being in poverty and begging for free money. This in turn makes it harder for us to trust those who really are living in poverty and need help to those who fake their surroundings and just try to get a free meal or money.

Poverty is affecting the world in many ways, such as their increasing amount, the effects of living in poverty, and the sad truth for those living in poverty. As time goes on there has been a massive increase in poverty and inequality. According to Census “between the years of 2000-2012 there has been an increase of 3.7% in the number of people living in poverty.” This may not seem as much as it isn’t even 5%, however with the U.S. population of 319 million people 3.7% turns to be a huge number even if it’s ration is low. That is still 47 million people living in destitute. This is in the U.S. alone where we donate 0.7% of the nation 's income helping us with the huge…

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