Poverty And Profit In The American City Analysis

Home is a fundamental human need. What people can do without having space to live in? How people’s life goes when they lose their home? How to do something else but cannot protect our home? What make people losing their home, which is the necessary basic things in a person’s life? All of this comes out with me when I first time arrive American and seeing homeless on the street. And now, I can find the answers in the book Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City written by Matthew Desmond.
Author’s family has an experience of being evicted. Everyone asks about how the poor person's struggle to make ends meet without asking why their bills are so high or where their money is flowing. He comes out asking the question of “How prominent is an eviction?” “What are its consequences?” “Who gets evicted?”. However, there is no database or information for all of these questions. He chooses to make his own data. He uses the old traditional way to move into Milwaukee to live with the people who are evicted. The “poor trailer park” on the Southside, where are many white poor people, is his first location. Then, he moves to the north side, where are many black poor people. He lives with them together for a couple years and record
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300) I use this quotation to finish my paper. Having a stable living place can identify ourselves and having commendation in communication. People can develop relationships and participation in public action, and also break away from being in poverty. Losing a home, seems to lose everything. This book is nonfiction book, but reads like fiction. There are various stories and statistics inside. The stories are around drug, education, home and poverty and how these topics around with gender, class and race. We might still tough to change anything after reading this book. However, we can understand why people be evicted, and we might can assist them when people need

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