Poverty And Profit In The American City By Matthew Desmond

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Home is a fundamental human need. What people can do without having space to live in? How people’s life goes when they lose their home? How to do something else but cannot protect our home? What make people losing their home, which is the necessary basic things in a person’s life? All of this comes out with me when I first time arrive American and seeing homeless on the street. And now, I can find the answers in the book Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City written by Matthew Desmond.
Author’s family has an experience of being evicted. Everyone asks about how the poor person's struggle to make ends meet without asking why their bills are so high or where their money is flowing. He comes out asking the question of “How prominent
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Eviction is a cycle of being in poverty. In mental side, when people meet eviction, they will feel upset and cause multiple symptoms of clinical depression. The situation will not be better even they find a house to rent. Author mentions:” Suicides attributed to evictions and foreclosures doubled between 2005 and 2010, years when housing costs soared.” (p. 298) In substantial view, family loses their possessions: furniture, clothes, books. It takes a good amount of money and time to establish a home. There is not enough time to move everything when people are evicted. Then, people might lose their job, because it is hard to give a position before finding a house. Besides, many landlords don’t rent a house to whoever be evicted. The result is that the evicted families often relocate to worse housing in the most distressed neighborhoods. For children, because the higher renter, parents unable to pay the tuition. Without education, they don’t have a college degree, and no skills, which relegates them to jobs in factories or restaurant prevents them from finding higher-paying work. Children are required to move with their parents when being evicted. Kids will never have a relationship with teachers or classmate. When they face the problem, there might, no one seeking assistance. As the author points out: “Our cities have become unaffordable to our …show more content…
Almost every little topic is being covered. Class, gender, race, white privilege and patriarchy system. Inside this book is not entirely about eviction. There is also the relationship between people, neighbor, friends and family. The life is hard, but there still has a warm place. Author given some solution for this problem. In the past, rent was lower than 30 % of salaries. The government should make some change. Because government allows house-renter being evicted, permit the landlord raised the price of the house. The government cannot use the only market to regulate. It makes million families being evicted every year. The government should have a plan. The rent-price need reasonable, and there should not have discrimination when rent a house.
The information of Milwaukee is not equal to the whole American. However, the whole UAS has the exact same problem. Author analysis: “Every year in this country, people are evicted from their homes not by the tens of thousands or even the hundreds of thousands, but by the millions.” (P.295) We don’t eviction in our country, but the price for renting is also higher than we can offer. People start having movement, more and more people face this problem, and popular people speak out this topic in the public area and hope the government can face the

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