Poverty And Poverty Of Poverty Essays

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Poverty and Education in Rural Africa
Poverty is a social issue that has caused problems for people and communities for thousands of years. This social problem has various effects on different institutions and people. As a whole, Africa is one of the most economically affected continents on the planet. Often, people will overlook Africa’s financial situation, but this crisis is affecting other aspects of civilian’s lives also. People and towns in poverty normally have a large disadvantage with their educational system. Methods to alleviate poverty and increase education rates are very controversial topics in today’s society.
According to The Dynamics of Poverty and Poverty Alleviation, “The misery of poverty is in a way an infringement of the citizens’ constitutional right to a dignified life” (Machado). There are two types of poverty, absolute and relative. Absolute poverty is when one is unable to afford basic or minimal necessities such as food and shelter. Relative poverty is based on the standard of living throughout the person’s society. Vulnerability deals with the people’s susceptibility to fall into poverty and the things associated with poverty such as illness, hunger, and homelessness. Poverty can also happen in seasonal forms. A natural disaster may cause many towns or people to fall into poverty (Khumalo). Scientific modernists believe that poverty is due to the unwillingness to do the standardized right thing in order to change their economic situation.…

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