Essay about Poverty And Its Effects On The World Of Poverty

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Like a revolving door, poverty has kept the people of poverty in poverty through its social and economic effects. Socially poverty has affected the world because of the mood, lifestyles and everyday living. Economically poverty has affected the world because of income, crime, and prices of certain things. Clearly social and economic effects tie together in the world of poverty.
Low wages and low early income has greatly supported poverty. For example more than 1.2 billion people live off a $1.25 a day.[NA,2015] Most people who live like this every day see no potential in their future only to work the same job until the day they die. This leads to another problem in poverty depression.
Depression is a major problem in poverty. There is a troubling trend that researchers have identified again and again – low-income parents, especially single mothers, have higher rates of depression and depressive symptoms than their higher-income counterparts. If a parent suffers from depression this can have negative effects on the child.[Child Trends 2015] Parents suffering with depression tend to not spend as much one on one time with their children. They often don’t meet basic safety and health needs of their children. This is a social problem because as people live every day without their daily needs being met they are prone to get upset and angry. These feelings of hopelessness and desperation can lead people in poverty to turn to crime. The question has been posed before, “what…

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