Poverty And Its Effects On Terrorism Essay

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Theoretical Argument
This study suggests that poverty, as a well-known factor of main causes of terrorism, has been overestimated and has very little connection with people’s willingness to support or to join terrorist group. Although poverty has been considered the most important factor that is positively correlated with terrorism and removal of poverty is always seen to be the first step to eliminate terrorism, poverty actually has very little connection with terrorism. Economic consideration following James A Piazza indicates that poverty is related to terrorism, though the connection is not direct. He believes that people belong to economic discriminated group are more likely to support terrorism. In many cases, this kind of economic discriminated group is the result of domestic policy discrimination. That is to say, it is hard to define whether poverty is the main cause of terrorism or just a cofounding variable. There are also some other scholars come up with different outcome from their study. According to Krueger’s study, the evidence suggests very little connection between poverty or education and participation in terrorism. The data collected by Krueger shows that “compared with the relevant population, members of Hezbollah’s militant wing or Palestinian suicide bombers are at least as likely to come from economically advantaged families and have a relatively high level of education as to come from the ranks of the economically disadvantaged and uneducated”…

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