Poverty And Its Effects On Society Essay

1081 Words Dec 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Living in poverty does not just mean that not having enough money to provide for basic needs, it has a deeper meaning than that. The World Bank Organization describes poverty as the lack of food, shelter, not being able to afford medical assistance, not being educated not having a job and living one day at a time. When these people are not included in daily activities of the society, it causes a strain on the society in terms of the health care system, and other systems that provide support to people in need. The society ends up paying the price of poverty while we may not be aware of it. While it may seem that people that are impoverished in developed countries do not affect the general population, that assumption is wrong. It affects us in many different ways. Also, there are many things that can be done in order to help those in need, while also helping society. Putting money into programs may seem expensive at first, however, it will be worthwhile in the end because it would cost more to continue the ways in which these problems are dealt with than setting up new programs. This essay will highlight ways in which poverty affects the individuals and some solutions to how we can help those living on the streets. Poverty and homelessness impose a variety of costs on society that we may not be well aware of. There are five major effects of poverty which are, Malnutrition, Health, Education, Economy and many effects on the Society. Malnutrition is seen particularly in…

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