Poverty And Its Effects On Poverty Essay

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Poverty When most people think of poverty, the typical images usually comes to mind is someone who is homeless and is addicted to drugs or alcohol or just lazy folks grabbing government handouts that are paid for by those who are self-reliant and industries. But what most people don’t know is that a person can work a fulltime job on minimum wage and only make fourteen thousand five hundred dollars and the typical income needed for a family of four is twenty-three thousand (Steenland). So why hasn’t the minimum wage my raised according to Gabrielle Levy the attempts to bring up minimum wage have stalled, mired in unsettle economics and partisan politics. Being in poverty isn’t just in the United States it’s all over the world and it has affected millions of people. Almost from the beginning of time poverty had already begun. With people coming up with ideas and facts with reasons why poverty started like natural disasters some examples are droughts and floods and with that poverty cannot be eliminated. South Africa is one of the worst countries affected by poverty they rely on their crops to make a little income for their family and when a drought happens they lose their crops and have little or no savings to buy food and die of malnutrition or diseases (DeCapua). Another cause is from overpopulation, some people here in the United States say that the immigrants that moved to the states has caused the poverty rate to increase. With jobs being taken by the immigrant’s…

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