Poverty And Its Effects On Poverty Essay

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Poverty becomes a major problem in society because it focused on the people who are living in poverty. This impacts the economy where it increase the rate of unemployment and the number of deaths in poverty. In response to the problem, the nation starts to use welfare policy to help fix the economy and help the poor people. Welfare policy is the economic support to help benefiting the poor people with giving them medicaid, food and money.The policy was established by President Roosevelt in the depression where he creates welfare to help the poor people by giving them their support in the economy. He mentions that it’s their responsibility by taking care of their income, provide them with education, and create job programs for them to be employed. As a result, the United States starts by supporting other people who has low income and living in poverty,which then puts them on welfare to help their problems. And support people who cannot be able to provide their family with no money and doesn 't have health insurance. Afterwards, welfare policy is supporting poor people by lending them with benefits, such as granting them job programs, clothes, supplies and money to afford to take care their family. It’s also helping employs poor people to find jobs while decreasing unemployment in poverty. This has been an improvement for the people on welfare, however, there are some problems towards the policy. For example, the people can’t work in profession jobs because they are on…

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