Essay on Poverty And Its Effects On America

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Poverty is about not having sufficient funds or money to meet your basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. In other words it is just being poor. Poverty has much more to deal with then just money but money is the main problem. Due to a lack of money people may not be able to participate in activities to entertain themselves, to entertain and support their children, or pay for the proper medications when they are sick. The people who fall into poverty don’t personally ask for it. There are many causes of poverty. In particular there are five main causes of poverty. The first one is a country’s past history. Many of the nations that are poor today were probably former colonies meaning they were under control by another country. This also could have meant that they were in a slave-exporting territory where their resources had been regularly removed or taken out for the convenience of colonizing countries. Colonialism generates conditions that stops people from gaining resources to be able to support themselves sufficiently. Another major cause of poverty is war and political instability. Both of these are closely tied to colonialism but having war calls for safety, stability and security. Without these essentials the economy cannot grow whereas people don’t benefit from it. National Debt is another big cause. A lot of poor countries have a notable amount debt due to loans from wealthier nations and financial institutions. Discrimination and social inequality is…

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