Poverty And Inequality By Milanovic And The Other By Feldstein

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When discussing poverty and inequality we focused our time on two articles, one of which was written by Milanovic and the other by Feldstein. These two authors have completely opposite views on how to deal with poverty and inequality. It is Feldsteins’ belief that inequality is something that while present in everyday society is not something we should be focusing our time and effort on. It is Feldsteins’ belief that if we instead focus all of our time on fixing poverty the side effect is that inequality will be reduced if not eliminated completely. This is due to Feldsteins’ belief that inequality is a result of poverty. Feldstein states that if we focus our time on the poor and removing poverty than inequality will follow naturally. Another reason for Feldsteins’ pure focus on poverty is because of his belief, not to give handouts to people. This refers to those who choose not to work even though they could rather than those who are working as hard as they can, yet still face poverty.
When discussing Milanovics’ article we take a completely opposite view. This is because Milanovic believes that we all care internally about inequality and as such if we focus only on the problem of poverty we deny our internal beliefs. He argues that Feldsteins’ thinking is illogical because you cannot focus on one while ignoring the other due to how closely connected both inequality and poverty are. Milanovic eventually takes the argument of inequality even further and goes on to describe…

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