Poverty Among Our Families Essay

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Poverty Among our Families The recession of the economy has led nearly ¼ of American families to live in impoverishment. Adults and children are being staggered by the traits that rumble American citizens. Although numerous cities in the United States are making great efforts to defeat poverty, the Federal Government should consider implementing educational aid programs because the rate of younger generations living in poverty is increasing rapidly.
It is often argued that many families living in poverty are capable of overcoming economic obstacles and that these individuals just relying on the government to ease off from labor. As Beegle noted, some of these people see a job as working really hard and still maintaining their families
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According to the Congressional Research Service “‘children living in a single female-headed family are especially prone to poverty’” ( CNS News). Many of these children are at times homeless. They wake up on a daily basis not knowing where their day will end. These thousands of kids are likely to repeat a grade or be hospitalized because of malnutrition. Studies show that 47% of families composed of a single-female head of household are poor (CNS News). It is harder for women to overcome poverty when they are left with the responsibility of giving their children a head start. When their benefits are reduced, these families become exposed to becoming homeless. It is only fair to comprehend the situation of families in need. Understanding the roots of poverty empowers new generations to take action, inspiring them for a more prosperous future (Beegle 343). The key to success is education. Providing Americans with educational programs will mark a significant difference in the future of younger and present generations. Educating younger generations will give them greater opportunities to prosper in life and become independent from governmental relief. People all over the United States are pulling forces to educate younger generations with the purpose of allowing them to live a better style of life. For this reason it is a need to link humanity and education. This narrow path is the road to

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