Postmodernism : Modernism And Modernism Essay

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Postmodernism/ Modernism

Modernist artists can be viewed as a new way of thinking that started in the 1860’s and ended in the 1970’s that sought to view art thru fresh eyes. Modern art focused on actual items in nature but sought to abstract it. Post-Modernism is almost the anti-modernism. It went to go against anything modernism stood for. Asking more questions than it answered postmodern artists sought to simplify and recreate past styles and converge low and high art into one. In this essay I will discuss what exactly makes an artist post modern or modern. After much research one can conclude that postmodern art is somewhat the beginning of the dark ages of art.

Post modern art is a rebellion of the formalists. Post modern art can be seen as an abstraction but not a questioning of american culture. Unlike Kruger who questions family structure as a whole modernists simply sought out to abstract the way life was seen. A breath of fresh air from the same store is what post modern art can be described as. Andy Warhol was a modernist artist who 's art was created for mass consumption. Most of his art can be still be bought in the print form. By todays standards Warhol 's pieces could be recreated in a matter of minutes on a computer but Warhol saw his work as unique pieces despite being simple abstractions of people. For example his piece of Marilyn Monroe. His piece was nothing but different versions of Monroe with simple changes in color and shape. He and George Braque…

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