Postmodernism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Postmodernism is closely related to individualism, in fact, individualism is one of the many concepts that is in postmodernism. From the view of postmodernists, facts and truths are risen from social subjectivity because experiences and science reasoning are the thing of the past. While this might seem ordinary for many young adults or teens, this postmodernist concept and ideal is what has been keeping experts and mature adults up at night. With the birth of the internet, postmodernist’s corrupted values are spreading faster than ever. In this paper, we will explore many aspect of the ideas and the values behind the movement of postmodernism, seeing for ourselves what modernist and postmodernist are bumping they head about.
A) In order to understand why postmodernism, at least in the extreme version, can be logically inconsistent we will need to understand what postmodernism really is. According to Dr. Ryan Scherbart, postmodernism is the rejecting of the traditional modernism values, it is more about relativism rather than the idea of objectivism like modernism. Unlike modernism, which emphasized on reasoning, science or progression, postmodernism is more about the freedom of individuals, rejecting fixity and questing our authorities. There many reasons why postmodernism is logically inconsistent or even dangerous, as postmodernism contain the concepts of anything goes and nothing really matters. This is dangerous and inconsistent because if people lives by the…

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