Postmodernism And Its Impact On Modern Era Essay

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The pre-modern era was one in which religion was the major source for fact and reality. God’s existence and experiences were widely accepted in pre-modern cultures. In modern era, science prevailed as the source of truth and reality during birth of modernism in 1871 to 1970. Which brings us to the question, what does it mean for something to be "modern"? "Post-modern"? Post-modern means the expansion of the foundation that modernism paved in art, science, technology, religion, and architecture. The term postmodernism has been applied to a multitude of engagements such as art, music, technology, science, religion, and architecture that originated in the modernism era. Perhaps the easiest way to start thinking about postmodernism is by thinking about modernism, the movement from which postmodernism seems to grow and emerge from. This would help in the development of further knowledge and experimentation with those ideas which would create vision.
American artists and architects played a key role in the establishment of the culture of postmodernism art and architecture. The focus was on abstraction and purity. Postmodern artists grew more optimistic and revived earlier styles. The artists in postmodern era added layers of meaning, tones, and irony to their art. The reconditioning of past styles and themes in pre-modern era became a way of thinking to a greater level of being open-minded in the post-modern era. Modernist abstraction remains a force in postmodernism. The most…

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