Postmodern Architecture : The Harold Washington Library Essay

965 Words Nov 24th, 2015 4 Pages
Chicago is known as the windy city, but most people tend to forget about the architecture fleets that Chicago has accomplished over the decades. In Chicago, people do not get the chance to see buildings that incorporate multiple different styles into a single structure. In class, I got the chance to expand my knowledge on Postmodernism buildings. A Postmodern building tends to have multiple different styles and designs incorporate into one building. The Postmodern concept is like a beautiful gourmet meal. In a gourmet meal, there is the use of multiple ingredients and it has a unique presentation that can grab a person’s attention just like a Postmodern building. In class, I got the chance to see many different visuals of Postmodern buildings, but The Harold Washington Library caught my attention. The Library made me realize the true concept of Postmodernism. The Harold Washington Library has many different aesthetic designs, has a rich history embed in Chicago, and finally the environment around the building brings a peaceful and natural feeling.
The Harold Washington Library has a mixture of designs outside of the building. Pridmore says “creative solution; the century-old building, a fine example of the Chicago School” (218). The building has a large base frame, which represents a sturdy structure. In class, we learned that Chicago School buildings tend to have a large base to show how powerful it is. I have noticed that the shape of the library looks like a Roman…

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