Post Traumatic Stress In The Military Essay

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Military
Craigen, L. M., Cole, R., Paiva, I., & Levingston, K. (2014). Secondary traumatic stress and the role of the human service practitioner: Working effectively with veterans ' families. Journal of Human Services, 34(1), 38-51. This article looks at secondary traumatic stress (STS), one potential side effect of PTSD experienced by service members ' families. The authors first define and describe PTSD to include the stigma surrounding the mental health disorder. They then discuss STS, which occurs when a service member 's spouse or children experience detrimental psychological effects caused by the knowledge of trauma experienced by the service member. The authors then look specifically at the effects on the spouse, children, and the family unit as a whole. The article concludes by detailing four strategies human service professionals can use to help alleviate the effects of STS on service members ' families, which include education,
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E., Cusack, K., Forneris, C. A., Wilkins, T. M., Sonis, J., Middleton, J. C., . . . Gaynes, B. N. (2013). Psychological and Pharmacological Treatments for Adults with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Vol. 92, Comparative Effectiveness Review). Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality While this report does outline the typical criteria utilized in diagnosing PTSD, the purpose of the report is to critically examine the effectiveness of cognitive therapies and medicinal therapies traditionally used to treat the disorder. The report then looks at the comparative effectiveness of psychological versus pharmacological treatments, as well as the efficacy of combination treatments, in which both psychological and pharmacological treatments are used.
Schreiber, M., & McEnany, G. P. (2015). Stigma, American military personnel and mental health care: Challenges from Iraq and Afghanistan. Journal of Mental Health, 24(1), 54-59.

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