Essay about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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Post-traumatic stress disorder, more commonly known as PTSD, is a body’s response to an abnormal experience. It results from being exposed to a stressful or overwhelming event or series of events (Schiraldi, 2000). Anybody can be diagnosed with this disorder. It does not matter about their educational status, race, sex or previous psychiatric illness (Matsakis, 1994). In this essay, I will go over the causes and results of post-traumatic stress disorder, and then I will cover some ways for moving on. First, I will talk about some occurrences that may lead a person to become diagnosed with PTSD. Secondly, I will discuss some of the outcomes that come from PTSD. Finally, I will move into the treatment stage, where I will introduce some ways where people dealing with this disorder can get help and move forward with their lives.
Traumatic stress can be caused by many things, although according to Matsakis (1994), not every person who experiences trauma develops post-traumatic stress disorder (p.1). Some examples that PTSD can be caused from are adults who were abused as children, rape victims, natural disaster survivors, vehicular accidents survivors and war victims (Matsakis, 1994). At war, the veterans, refugees, and survivors can all become diagnosed with this disorder. Isn’t it upsetting that people who risk their lives for our country, ultimately have to suffer for their good intentions? Although it is nothing new to the world, it never gets easier. Schiraldi (2000), says…

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