Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd ) Essay

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) consists of a group of symptoms that may appear after a person experiences a traumatic event. Most people do not develop PTSD, but with so many people exposed to traumatic events, the numbers of those suffering from this disorder are significant. Not surprisingly, this disorder is associated with soldiers returning from war. In fact, the first mention of this disorder was during the Napoleonic Wars when it was referred to as “exhaustion”. Every major conflict since then has had its own label for the disorder whether “Soldier’s Heart”, “Shell Shock” or “Combat Fatigue” (PTSD: A Cultural History). It wasn’t until the 1960’s that this disorder began to be viewed as an actual injury and not the result of perceived moral weakness by the victim.
Over a million U.S. service members have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. Of that group, approximately 10% developed PTSD and for those that experienced active combat their rate was 23% (Norris and Slone 4). With such a large population with the disorder, it is no wonder then that PTSD has become a focal point in caring for veterans. In regards to the civilian population, “…by the age of 45, most of the population will have experienced such an event” (Norris and Slone 4) and of that group approximately 2% will develop PTSD. Even with a small percentage of the U.S. population developing PTSD, it equates to, “6.3 million active cases presumably in need of treatment (Norris and Sloan 4). PTSD…

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