Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Of The United States Essay

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In the United States, if you serve our military you are looked at as a hero, a protector, and someone who would do anything to save and protect us from anything that could come in the way of our freedom. There is even a saying for it, “Freedom isn’t free.” There are several underlying risks that come with the duty though. Most of them are not even named before you enlist. The worse part about it is that you do not see any of these risks until after you are done with deployment. Some of the risks include, PTSD, depression, lingering/permanent physical injuries, and mild to traumatic brain injury. In this nation, we glorify “being a man” and nothing says you are a man more than serving this great country. After deployment, many veterans face depression mixed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which leads to suicide. We as a nation never talk about our veterans committing suicide, we hear about other things on the news instead of retired service men committing suicide. In order to solve this dilemma, as a country we must not treat soldiers as soldiers when they are no longer enlisted, also we have to realize they are human beings and they will carry guilt from their actions while enlisted.

When you look at the statistics you will see a clear rise in suicide among people enlisted in the military and those that are no longer enlisted compared to those who did not serve this country, civilians. According to Joseph E Logan, “suicide rate has dramatically increased and has…

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