Post Traumatic Stress Disorder From Road Traffic Accidents Essay

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Mirza, Bhadrinath, Goodyer, and Gilmour questioned if post-traumatic stress disorder from road traffic accidents is significant in children. They studied the importance of the association between comorbid disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder as well as determining the severity of the post-traumatic stress disorder because of physical injuries, pre-accident mental health problems, age, gender, and family involvement. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder that develops after a traumatic event occurs. PTSD symptoms include flashbacks, depression, anxiety, and more. Comorbid is defined as having two or more diseases at once. Although it was not included in this study, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America asserts that the first findings of PTSD go back to the beginning of humans. However, most background does not show much information on PTSD in children unless a child was involved in war, the Holocaust, or natural disasters. Hardly any studies focused directly on children until the 1980’s. Mirza et al. used information from 21 other studies that give information such as PTSD is shown in about 30% of children after road traffic accidents and can last for long periods of time. The 21 studies also show that PTSD is the most common result in adults and children after road traffic accidents. However, Mirza et al. pointed out that most of the studies mentioned are not thorough in its research.

Mirza et al.…

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