Post Traumatic Stress Case Study Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The wife literally dragged him to go see a psychiatrist.

Differential Diagnosis

Proposed diagnosis: - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The physical and emotional symptoms of PTSD usually occur in three clusters (Ozer et al, 2008).

I. Marked avoidance of the patients usual activities

II. Re-experiencing or re-occurring of the trauma

III. Increased arousal symptoms

Jake has exhibited all the three cluster symptoms of PTSD. Jake displays psychological symptoms as evidenced by his auditory flashback nightmares and hallucinations. He also displays physical symptoms as evidenced by his impairment of personal daily life. For instance, he is already experiencing family discord, marital problems, difficulty in parenting and substance abuse.

Treatment options

The recommended treatment for Jake is dual treatment whereby antidepressants and antipsychotic medication in combination with Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy will be used. A therapist will handle the therapy sessions and since he is not in a position to prescribe medication, Jake will be referred to a clinician for the medical
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Clinicians or therapists use various methods to help patients overcome PTSD. Behavioral and cognitive therapy helps patients confront their fears, recognize them, address them and finally find a way of moving on.

The recommended therapy sessions for Jake are 15 to be covered within 3 months. Jake will be required to write a detailed report for each of his past traumatic experiences. This is a type of self-evaluation known as Cognitive Processing Therapy. The therapist will then help Jake identify, recognize and address errors and points to help him reconstruct the events correctly.

The patient will also be instructed on cognitive methods that will help him shelve his fears and improve his overall personal outlook, help him identify the appropriate expression of his feelings as well as assertiveness
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Although at one point he complained of adverse effects such as sexual malfunction disorder, agitation, shaking of hands, repulsive sweating and nausea, the right drugs were given to keep the side effects at bay. He tolerated well with his medication and within one month showed excellent results. He was able to resume his duties after a month of treatment. He also has improved concentration and sleep patterns, better moods and energy levels. The combined treatment of psychotherapy and medication has also helped reduce his intrusive

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