Post Secondary Education Essay

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A well known debate today is whether young adults should seek a post-secondary education or if they should jump right into the workforce after graduating high school. When analyzing articles, you have to pay attention to the dates they were written and who wrote them. Some sources are biased and could persuade your thoughts and decisions in a negative way. Many people disagree with attending a type of post-secondary schooling, but college can give students the ability to financially succeed and can give them the ability to see what they like or dislike before making a decision of what to do as a lifelong career.
A large percentage of young adults choose to not attend a type of post high school schooling, because they simply cannot afford
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The first very important perk is that in the long run, for the most part, one will have financial success. Source A states, “A car mechanics’ trade association reports that repair shops have seen their business jump significantly in the current recession: people aren’t buying new cars; they are fixing the ones they have.” Traits like this can be learned from high school classes and hands on college classes. When people know how to do these tasks they are more likely going to keep their car at home and fix it themselves with the tools and skills they have. This can save money that can be used for paying other bills or buying things that a person …show more content…
Many high schools and colleges have hands on programs that send you out into the workforce. This is a great way to see if a certain career is the one for you. In the 1990s, schools were trying to produce many “knowledge workers” as Source A refers them to be. Now in the 2010s, technical schools are becoming more popular with technology becoming more prominent in our society today. Most technical schools have hands on learning. This gives students the ability to see if a tactical job is a career they could excel in. If they are struggling with most of the hands on learning they might find out that a job like that is not a job for them. Many colleges also allow you to participate in an internship. You could sign up to help a teacher, in a nearby school, with an internship and see if being a teacher is something you would enjoy or hate. If you did not attend a type of post-secondary schooling you might become stuck in a position where you dislike the job. Also if you do not take advantage of the internships you might spend numerous hours and dollars to get a license in a job you think you’ll like. Then when it comes to actually getting a job the student hates every single day and moment of that career. Many adults and graduating students will agree that there are different

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