Essay Post Secondary Education And Its Importance

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In American history, the purpose of post-secondary education and its importance has altered throughout generations. College has served as a strong foundation for many families and individuals and their success in the United States, and higher education provides its students with many useful skills that can be used throughout an individual’s lifetime. More and more people are beginning to believe that college is unnecessary and that a special idea can provide them with enough financial security to be deemed successful in today’s society. American men in today 's society view higher education as a way to gain the skills and credentials needed to provide for their families.
Although many names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg have reached this financial success without receiving a college degree, the fact of the matter is that most individuals who attempt to create the “next big thing” fail. Nothing new in the world today is actually new; there is a scarcity of “new” ideas, and anything that is considered “new” is usually a renovation or an upgrade to something that has already been created. In order to make the money that is required to provide, American men need to go to college. Post-secondary education is necessary to thrive in America.
One way that American men are able to provide for their families is through intellectual thoughts and conversations. Being intellectual helps American men in everyday life; therefore, it is a necessary trait to have in…

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