Post It Essay

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Overview 1. Market Analysis
1.1 Market Environment
1.2 Market Segment
2. Competitor Analysis
3. Consumer Analysis
3.1 Consumer Trend
3.2 Consumer Needs And Wants
3.3 Consumer Behaviour
4. Post-it Analysis
4.1 Target Segment
4.2 Distribution Characteristics
4.3 Business Performance
4.4 Business Strategy – 5Ps
4.5 SWOT Analysis
5. Proposed Marketing Plan
5.1 Target Segment
5.2 Positioning
5.3 Strategy
5.4 Conclusion
1. Market Analysis
The repositionable notes market is made up of paper or tabs with adhesive, which allows the product to be stuck on surfaces and moved, without leaving residue. They are also known as ‘sticky notes’ and the idea was first conceived by 3M innovators.
Post-it, the original
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1.2 Market Segment
1.2.1 Demographics
Consumers of the repositionable notes in Singapore can be generally categorized into 3 large groups, consisting of the office consumers, home consumers as well as school consumers. The office consumers are made up of the office workers and the working professionals. Home consumers consist of home-makers or tuition teachers and school consumers are teachers and students. 76.5% of the population are between the ages 15-64, which make up a large part of the people who most likely belong to the 3 categories of consumers in the market.
As the literacy rate of Singapore stands at a high 96%, the repositionable notes market has a potentially large market it can tap into as anyone who is literate is able to make use of repositionable notes.
1.2.2 Psychographics
Consumers in the repositionable notes market can be described as people who are productive, like to be organized, sometimes maybe even forgetful and definitely, people who value convenience.
2. Competitor Analysis
The repositionable notes market in Singapore is primarily led by Post-it, with other competitors trailing behind. These competitors are mostly made up of smaller companies providing office supplies. Some of these competitors

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