Post Impressionism : An Era Of Art That Took Place After Impressionism

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Post impressionism was an era of art that took place after impressionism. Post impressionism began in the early 1880s as a response to the previous era of art, known as impressionism. The post impressionism movement was caused by young artists and critics who wanted art pieces to have more focus on the subject matter of the piece, resulting in many artists placing more emphasis on the subject. Various art styles were created in this era, such as pointillism, a technique involving the use of dots that, when viewed from of a distance, appear as a painting piece. The movement began in France before spreading all across the world. This era was also when people focused on the subject matter which came from dreams and memories, painting great works of art from inside their minds instead of just the world around them. Sometimes the subject matter would even be more abstract, like a dream, or simply a memory of a person, place, or thing on the individual’s mind. And the post-impressionism movement itself served as a significant building block for many of the movements to take place after its end in the year of 1914. Many pieces were created in the post impressionism era of art, like many other eras, pieces which brought big changes for every era to come after it. And many artists came from this era of art as well.

One of these artists was Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch artist and painter born on March 30, 1853. (Biography 1) He led a very difficult life, with a lack…

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