Post Abortion Syndrome Thesis Statement

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Post-Abortion Syndrome

Abortion, a term that induces much controversy, is in fact a widely debated issue. My belief is that life begins at the moment of conception and that after women go through abortion procedures, they can suffer from post-abortion syndrome. There is a theory called the ‘attachment theory’ which is the theory that infants need a close emotional bond with their caregivers. If mothers share this emotional connection with infants outside of the womb, why should we assume it would be any different for infants inside of the womb? Given this theory, the logical assumption would be that pregnant women have emotional attachments to the fetuses growing inside of them. Therefore, after a woman has an abortion, it would make
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“As weeks went by it showed that she was not fine they told me, ‘Son, it 's time to tell the truth’ and she broke down, and I broke down 'cause I was tired of lying”. These are lyrics from the song Brick by Ben Folds Five. This song is about the lead singer’s high school girlfriend going through an abortion. These lyrics clearly demonstrate the feelings of regret women can feel after going through this procedure, better known as post-abortion syndrome. Post-abortion syndrome (PAS) is real. It is proven by the many women who can recount their regrets and depression after their procedures, however some choose to believe that it fails to exist. Some symptoms of PAS include “abortion flashbacks, relationship problems, guilt, severe depression, low self-esteem, substance abuse, and even suicidal tendencies. They point to a 1985 doctoral …show more content…
Women who have had abortions are sometimes referred to as ‘abortion survivors’. If an abortion survivor’s mother had numerous abortions and had a high chance of being aborted, herself, then they can have symptoms that have “statistically significant associations with an inability to trust others and troubling dreams. [They] also found low self esteem and feelings of being haunted were significantly associated with this circumstance” (Gajowy, Ney, Sheils). Not only does the mother having an abortion have an effect on her children having abortions, but it also affects her other children, the siblings of that aborted child. “From these results it appears that those who are affected by the loss of their unborn siblings to pregnancy termination have predominantly existential type symptoms. The sense that they do not deserve to live correlates closely with other symptoms of life and death conflicts: a sense of impending doom, self-destructiveness, and a high level of anxiety that would make them feel that they are losing their mind” (Gajowy, Ney, Sheils). These children are affected by the abortion(s) that their mother had and are very likely to grow up with depression and other mental

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