Possible Causes and Treatments for Cancer Essay

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Possible Causes and Treatments for Cancer
For as long as I can remember I have always seen people I know suffer with different forms of cancer and I wondered why and how this happens to people. This essay has given me the opportunity to explore some of these complex cancer issues I have seen occur. There are two main forms of cancer that I have seen to affect my family and friends greatly, breast cancer and bone cancer. Both types are extremely painful and tough to come back from once diagnosed. In the next following paragraphs I will cover the possible causes and treatments from these forms of cancer. Breast cancer has always been one form of cancer that has worried me for it occurs mostly in women. Yes, there are men that get breast
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There is also adjuvant and neo-adjuvant therapy which is where hidden cancer cells, that break off tumor and flow in bloodstream, are killed by this therapy [ (Learn About Cancer, 2010) ]. Bone cancer is another form of cancer that I find to worry me. Just like breast cancer the exact cause of bone cancer is not yet known, but scientists have found that this cancer is associated with a number of other conditions. Some of the causes could be: genetics (DNA), exposure to radiation, or cancer-causing chemicals, but more often than none it occurs for unknown reasons [ (Learn About Cancer, 2010) ]. There are many other causes for bone cancer such as, as a child inheriting rare syndromes that increase developing osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, chordoma, Paget disease, radiation, bone marrow transplantation, and even common injuries [ (Learn About Cancer, 2010) ]. There are many types of treatments that could be both effective and non-effective. First, surgery is an option along with radiation therapy (also a cause), chemotherapy, and targeted therapy. There has also been a new advance, a combination of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, called trabectedin. Denosumab is also a new drug designed to treat cancer that has spread to the bone [ (Learn About Cancer, 2010) ]. It has been quite effective in treating giant cell tumors of bone that have spread or cannot be removed with surgery.

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