Positives And Negatives Of Cannabis Usage Essay

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Positives and Negatives of Cannabis Usage 3
Positives and Negatives of Cannabis Usage

What is substance abuse? Substance abuse can range from alcohol, gambling, narcotics to food. Substance abuse is any substance that has control over ones life. The American Medical Association states that it is a continuous compulsive use of a substance resulting in a physical, psychological and social harm (Najavitis, 2002). At times one may notices that there substance abuse has taken control over relative task of normal living. For example a meth user may select purchasing meth over buying food for the family. Experts say that the key elements of addiction can be found in factors such as genetics, environmental such as culture and developmental (life stages of growth or personal traits). A key factor is that there is difference between substance abuse (abuse) and substance dependence (need to survive) (Najavitis, 2002).
GIVING UP SUBSTANCES The question of eliminating substance abuse has been a hot topic with professionals for years. Najavits (2002) gives 3 methods of quitting. The first is the abstinence model used highly through alcohol anonymous. The second method is warm turkey model that states quitting for specific periods of time over a cycle. The third method is the harm reduction method similar to the warm turkey method but shorter absence of drugs in the quitting cycle. Even with these various methods expert say the…

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