Essay On Kleenexes

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I am currently living in a rather small room in Catlett Residence hall with my roommate. Due to having limited space we share a lot of things and split up the shopping list so we don't have double the stuff. One thing that I sort of took charge of buying at the beginning of the year are kleenex boxes. I have really bad allergies almost all year around and always need kleenexes. That is the main reason why I always buy the kleenexes. While I need them for my constantly runny noise, my roommate thinks that she needs to use them to dry her hands on a daily basis. She doesn’t use the paper towels or her actual shower towel to dry her hands like a normal person. She uses the kleenexes. She started to use kleenexes to dry her hands since the beginning of the year because she found out that when she uses her towel it leaves black fuzzies on her hands. She would alternate between using paper towels …show more content…
This is an example of positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is adding something to the situation when to increase behavior that you want to see. When she doesn't use the kleenexes she will get the reward of the money. I think this is a good way to make her learn because not only will I be saving kleenexes, she could use that money to buy herself a towel that doesn't leave the black fuzzies on her hands. Another way to use operate conditioning to make her to not use the kleenexes to dry her hands is to take away or hide the kleenexes for a day when she uses them on her hands. This is an example of negative punishment. Negative punishment is taking something away to have the person not do the behavior again. By taking away the kleenexes, she will not be able to do the behavior. She will be forced to use another way to dry her hands and she will not have the kleenexes for when she wants to blow her

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