Positive Psychology : Negative Psychology Essay

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Assessing positive psychology Positive psychology refers to the branch of psychology which is concerned with one’s satisfaction of one’s life. It is different from the more scientific branches of psychology because it is not concerned with the pathological aspects of psychology or with mental illness. Rather, positive psychology focuses on how ‘positive’ mental attitudes can lead to more ‘positive’ and fulfilling lives. In short, it is more about personal growth than an actual hard science. However, some attack some forms of positive psychology as pseudo-science, especially those who are connecting positive psychology to ‘new wave’ beliefs and other similar forms of pseudo-science. Nonetheless, positive psychology as a general branch of psychology is a legitimate and helpful way of approaching the human behaviour. Therefore, positive psychology may actually lead to a successful life. This is what this essay will argue in the following paragraphs.
Positive psychology defined For Gable and Haidt, “Positive psychology is the study of the conditions and processes that contribute to the flourishing or optimal functioning of people, groups, and institutions (Gable and Haidt, 2005).” They define positive psychology as a way of looking at the actual processes which may make ‘people, groups and institutions’ happier. As we can already see, positive psychology for actual psychologists is not simply about ‘positive thinking’ or projecting ‘positive vibrations’ into the world. It…

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