Positive Implications Of Social Media And Low Self-Esteeming Factors

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Social network sites are an evolving form of communication that has allowed individuals from all societies to share their ideas and concerns through the internet. People use social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Email, and other sites to display and send messages that can either be positive or negative. Initially, individuals used these social network sites to strengthen their relationships with their friends. However, as social media developed it has divided individuals, which damaged and hindered communication in ways in which those who are considered different are left hurt. Hence, this has caused individuals to develop low self-esteem and trust issues. Meanwhile, when individuals receive a numerous amount of likes on their Facebook pages they become and may be confident, narcissistic, because of having various individuals supporting them. Such individuals are more likely to get acknowledged for their views in a positive way by getting “likes” and support for their political views, ideas, and much more. Nevertheless, our society needs to learn to be more accepting of other people regardless of how different they are. Lawmakers need to …show more content…
Although, social network sites can help individuals with self-esteem issues, it is not always a positive outcome. Individuals who do not have nice bodies, clothes, or hair can feel unhappy about themselves and even develop depression (Lin, Utz, 2015, 30). However, it may help someone who does not have great communication skills with their other peers. But they cannot develop their communication skill because individuals use these sites to strengthen relationships with people they know personally. In addition, this causes individuals to feel rejected when someone declines their friend request. Thus, you become very vulnerable and are a target or victim of cyber

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