Positive Impact Of Technology On Children

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Impacts of Technology on Children Technology updates in tablets, television, and phones influence society to communicate, learn and enhance problem solving skills. Technology as a branch of knowledge creates different perspectives in a child’s life. Despite the negative views towards technology in society, parents as well as teachers points of view should be taken into consideration since they are the ones who can notice changes in a child’s life when using technology. Research has shown various views towards technology in a child’s learning environment through formal education and within family dynamics. Relatives within the family have different views on technology impacting family dynamics. For instance, parents believe that technology …show more content…
Educators are now “incorporating iPads and computers” mainly into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curricula” which enhances diverse ways of learning (Ossola 2). Tablets and computers assist students to understand “visual perception[s]” in order to solve problems or scenarios in an instant (Ossola 2). Catalano believes teachers use technology to their advantage by using interactive media in order “to nurture early learning and development” on children (qtd. in Jackson 1). Technology provides a positive change in students with autism because they are now able to speak, feeling acceptance in the mainstream while growing as a human being. In the ASD study, computer science researchers found that tablets “encourage social interaction in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” and notice that children “engaged more in verbal exchanges” which is considered to be a positive effect (McNaughton 108). For that reason, technology impacts children through education, assists in family communication, and assists while learning unique perspectives. Children use technology to attain additional information educationally, socially, and domestically. Despite of the positive views, society will have endless views towards the use of technology in their future. Moreover, technology might assist children’s diction and will be useful when learning various languages. Children’s skills will develop though the use of technology without limiting them on resources to acquire useful

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