Essay about Positive Impact Of Internet On Literature

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Positive Impact of Internet on Literature
The way stories are reported nowadays are different from what they used to be due to new technologies. It shortened the limits between countries, and minimized the effort made to spread a story worldwide. The internet has changed the way mankind communicate with each other through e-mails, and homepages. This technology changed the format of the story and what’s written in it. It gave people a chance to spread their stories worldwide instead of physically being present (Urban myths, 2014).
English has spread through the British Isles in the medieval and early modern yours. English’s influence has reached the world since the seventeenth century. English changed in a noticeable way due to investigating, populating, and trading that reformed British’s relations with other countries. A lot of new things in English appeared in that time. Every group of people had their own differences in words, grammar, and even how they pronounce words (Durkin, 2016).
It is predicted by some linguists that after 10 years English will be the most language in the internet, but it will be different from what we know. It is due to the fact that people on the internet don’t mainly care about the grammar and spelling. And many of internet users speak English as a second language (O 'Brien, 2012).
It is known that English has been the national language for the past century due to the usage of internet, recent technology and the increase in American…

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