4m Team Project Case Study

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Following are the positive elements in 4M’s Team project implementation:

1) Being a self-driven team, team project has the flexibility to set their own standard, goals and expectation based on the client requirements. Management was not dictating each and every steps of the project and tells the team how to proceed. Management only intervenes where there is a conflict or a resource issue.

2) The work flexibility gives a lot of effort to expedite the things because the team member feels owner ship spend extra time and effort to meet the deadline.

3) Team project members are motivated and they work harder and longer in order to meet the ambitious goals.

4) Performance was measured based on the individual team meeting the schedule. Each
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3. What do you think was the biggest problem with Team Project at 4M?

There are several problems Team Project is facing but I am considering an “unclear direction” from the management is one of the biggest problems. The management has given a freedom to the project team so they have the flexibilities to achieve their goals but there was no team leader or project manager appointed by the management.
Each team project has to figure out the way to coordinate project activities with the team members and the other outside teams. Team Project has different experience to do this coordination such as some teams have a team leader who apparently became the team manager, some teams have no leader, while the other teams have a rotating team leader. These strategies have different pros and cons but I think the management should encourage a consistent team structure so the each team should be working diligently and uniformly without wasting their time.

4. How would you implement Team Project differently in 4M’s
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There should be a project manager or team leader, who is selected and nominated by the management based on his/her skills, qualification, expertise and past experience. The team leader or project manager is responsible to carry the entire team towards the goals establish by its own team. He / She would be a single point of contact to coordinate the project activities with the management and the other departments. This would also save a lot of time to figure out what is going on outside their team and there will not be any duplicate

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