Social Effects Of War Essay

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Is war real necessary to have, if so how does it cause have an impact on a child’s life? The effect of war on children is a big deal for children whose parents are in the army. Therefore children back then had a bigger threat and a bigger problem. Because back then when war happened the children did not anywhere else to go, when their parent was caught in the war and was killed. Most children would either loss one parent and would have grown in a one parent home which was somewhat alright. Other children had to deal with the fact that they have lost both their parents, but normally not at the same time. In addition the child would either grow up to be homeless or turn to a life of crime and violence. Therefore war could help win our independence …show more content…
These were one of the worst time, children were so violent and sneaky. Most of children had become so violent and so disrespectful just because they either were homeless or could not live with fact of the death of a mother or father. The age group that this occurred in was usually during the teenager stage. Therefore some of the male and female would also do thing for pleasure such as raping others. An article called “The social impact of the Second World War” said that many children who were not evacuated were given unprecedented levels of freedom, with fathers absent, mothers working and schools sometimes closed or offering only part-time education. At the end of 1940 it was estimated that 80,000 children of school age in London were receiving no education and were left to run wild every day. Females between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four are approximately three times more probable than whatever is left of the populace to be mishandled by a private accomplice. In addition to that they would also drop out of school and forget about their education and a massive increase of teen violence and killing had increase in countries all around, and some were higher than

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