Positive Effects Of The Atlantic Slave Trade

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In the current pages I will be discussing the development of the Atlantic Slave Trade and its effects on the New World. While the undesirable characteristics of slavery and the slave trade are written down and spoken about there were also some positive effects and outcomes from slavery as well. The Atlantic slave trade refers to the moving of Africans or The Middle Passage from their homeland to the New World. I will also be discussing how In the American Revolution, achieving freedom was the main purpose and motivation for black slaves who joined the Patriot or British armies as well.

I think the development and nature of the Atlantic Slave Trade came about because of simply a demand for labor in other places such as Europe, Portugal and
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So basically they were working to just pay of debt and they would actually become free once their debt was paid in full per the contract that was set prior to coming to the New World. Slave labor spread from Portuguese ruled Brazil to the Caribbean Islands. Portuguese captains in the early 1400s went to the West African coast to find Christian allies against the Muslims of North Africa and spread Christianity, but were more interested in the trades with Africa as were the Spanish, French, and Dutch. West African kings and Arab merchants imported white slaves from …show more content…
It didn’t start out as being a voyage for “Slaves”, but with a little greed and a bigger demand in workforce it went from a simple voyage for new land and to become a profitable colony, to becoming one of the most historic Ages of Explorations and Exploitation. I think there could have been numerous decisions that could have been made to try and keep the slave trade from being so violent and harsh not only during seasoning but for the entirety the whole slavery situation. Such things are keeping the same rules across the board for indentured servants and slaves as where it was a personal choice to take on a debt to travel to the new world for better opportunities and leaving their homelands instead of being treated as chattel which was solely based on race in the Americas. Another idea is a better understanding between other countries that also participated in the Atlantic slave trade, instead of being taken and held as captives until they reached factories were they were bought from the European companies that ran commercial enterprises on the West African

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