Technology In Schools Essay

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The effect of technology in schools
The rate schools are adding technology into their curriculums is increasing at an alarming rate. Is this something to worry about? Before schools had technology everything was done by hand and with paper. Then everything changed when the introduction of technology started. School started to become more and more modern with the use of gadgets and online software and tools. The use of technology also brought along some of biggest distractions from learning ever, like cyberbullying and cellphone use. Even though some people believe that technology is a distraction in the the classroom, I believe technology is benefiting schools with education because technology makes it easier to share information, it’s preparing students for real world, And cloud use makes
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that 's why technology is preparing students for the real world.
Here’s a graph showing demand for computing jobs

Furthermore technology makes students more responsible as well. “Students must take care of the technology equipment, which can be viewed as a privilege. It is also important for students to learn to protect the technology resources” (Education World 2013) This quote is just saying student have to be smart and responsible And taking care of the equipment they use. School is a privilege and technology is a bonus. So by making students more responsible it is preparing them for the real world.

Finally by Making them more technology proficient technology is benefiting schools with education. “Researchers found that three quarters of children aged between three and 10-years-old can easily switch on the television and put their favourite programme on. And six in ten can happily turn on a computer or laptop, while 59 per cent can work the DVD

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